Military training

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Training should be fun, always! No matter if it's hard or easier, complicated or simple in group or alone, it should always be fun to go training. I always love to go to the gym and I guess that's everyone in the gym knows me; the girl that comes 3-4 times a week, always stands in the front of the class with a big smile on her face. That's me, I enjoy every minute of it even if it's hard, if it hurts or if it's too complicated I still think it's fun, a challenge. Yesterday that wasn't the case... One of the best instructors in the gym, the dance teacher, came up with the brilliant (not) idea of having a military training session. A whole hour with hard exercises where we had to change position every time she clap her hands. No good music, no smiling and no good mood.  It was nothing fun about it as it more felt like we were a bunch of prisoners than exercising girls. My legs, shoulders and abs got themselves the hardest training ever I guess but I didn't enjoy a single second of the class and I didn't feel good when walking out of the gym either. That is not how training should be!

So tonight I have to go back to the gym, not because I want to, I actually don't fancy it at all after the pain yesterday...  But exactly like when you fall off a horse or fall while skiing, you have to get up and do it again because otherwise you create a bad feeling about it in your mind that later will be hard to get rid of. So it's a must. Go on girl!



  1. ungefar som boxningen pa dansworks den gick du val pa hihihi :o)

  2. JAA! Jag gick på boxing i ett år. Det var superhård träning det med men mkt roligare ändå! Sakbar det! :)


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