Never let me go - the movie

Yesterday Luisa and I saw one of the most tremendous movies ever seen, "Never let me go". A remarkable story about injustice in life, love and loss. For whoever wanna see the movie you might stop reading here....

To make it short the movie was about people born only to grow up to their twenties and then donate their organs until they die to save other people. The actresses Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightly were very good in their roles and I can somehow understand the Oscar nominations but at the same time I ask myself, why is it only these tragic movies that get nominated and win the big prices? I didn't like the movie at all and I think Luisa and I saw it all just because we were too tired to move away from the sofa. The film had the opposite effect of the "feel good movies", I felt like vomiting when thinking about the movie in the shower afterwards. It was tragic, dramatic and absolutely terrible. The idea of clone real human beings only to donate their organs to other people makes me feel sick. It is an egoism that I don't even wanna think about.

I don't recommend the movie to anyone, even if it had its nicer moments it will just make you feel bad.


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