New Technology

The new very nice Givenchy corner at Rinascente :)

 This morning I went with Luisa, Diana and some other friends to the preview of the film the Avengers. Absolutely not my type of film but I kind of enjoyed the second half anyway and I was highly impressed of the graphics. I don't like sience fiction movies so I never see then and therefor I was surprised of the level of graphic effects they are able to create nowadays.

After the cinema I went into town for lunch with Danii and I also passed a photo shop to choose the new camera I gonna buy.

Now I am sitting in the warm sun down the river waiting for Torri to arrive.

TIM: la tua mail in mobilità con il BlackBerry®

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  1. wow coooool den filmen vill jag oxa see!! verkar ju sa grym!! o shyssta grabbs hihih ;o)


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