Street Dance 2 in 3D

You all know that I love dancing. Most of all I love to dance but I also very much like to watch other people dance different dance styles. This movie in 3D almost made you feel you where watching a real dance show. London in 3D. Rome in 3D. Paris in 3D. And most of all amazing dancers in 3D. I really much enjoyed every second of the movie show.

In the first Street Dance movie they mixed classic ballet with street dance which I liked a lot and have been searching for courses around Milan with that style without any result. Street Dance 2 mixes street dance with latino style, another very nice mix I would love to try. Zumba is what I can think of and now I am very much thinking to start a zumba course, it would be so much fun.

I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and he said he liked the movie but I would firstly recommend this movie for real dance lovers, you won't get disappointed.


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