Wellness Sunday

It is raining outside, or at least it was raining before and I am happy about it. If it would had been sunny like yesterday I would have gone out to enjoy the sun but as the dark cloud hanged over my house I stayed in and did my own little wellness spa at home.

I started of with one hour "hatha yoga" on my new yoga mat I got for birthday present from my mom. I though I would do it only for half an hour but the time just rushed away and I realsed I had been practicing for an hour when the cd suddenly stopped.

Afterwards I felt tired so I had a long warm bath with Kiehl's olive hair pack on my head and Kiehl's deep pore cleansing masque on my face. Two great products I have written about before, click here to read. I felt like new when coming out of the bath. It is hard to have a better start of a Sunday.

Now I need to hurry up and get ready and meet my boyfriend up for some shopping. 



  1. Vilken underbar ide du just gav mig. Du vet nog inte ens om det men du är en toppeninspirationskälla:)

  2. looks fantastic


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