Yoga breathing

Yesterday when I arrived at my yoga course I got a bit disappointed. After all unhealthy food and candy the last couple of weeks I was looking forward a heavy exercising yoga class so when the teacher said we would do an hour just breathing exercises I first thought of walking out of the room and do some running, but I didn't. And I am glad I didn't.

In yoga breaching correctly is essential and like my teacher said it helps the energy flow trough our body. A little breathing exercise normally starts of our and most yoga courses to prepare us for the coming hard work, makes our mind focued and makes us calmer.

I learned a lot at the breathing lesson and I realized that myself and most other people don't breath properly. We breath in superficially way only using the upper part of the "upper body". Yesterday we trained ourselves in doing long breathing where you can feel how your lungs and stomach extends. In doing this regularly my teacher explains that the actual rib cage expands the rib cage, something good for everyone but even better for me who's asthmatic.

We learned different kinds of breathing which all got different names that I don't remember but I think I gonna start studying it by myself as I found it very interesting how different ways of "normal" breathing can have such big effects on our mind and body.


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