Aperitivo at Blender with Una

Una is back in Milan! Even if just for few days I am so glad to have her back and go for aperitivo's and long walks together. Tonight we went to Blender which is close to my home. A over packed bar offering a gigantic aperitivo buffet with both warm and cold food, dessert and fresh fruit. Also the fruit cocktails were very nice. What else can you ask for paying just 8 Euros?

Now we gonna start searching for a place to go this weekend.

Ciao ciao!



Matteo´s birthday drinks at Vinodromo


Matteo's big day as he turned 29 so he got his friends together at the pretty little wine place Vinodromo in south Milan. Around 20 people cheered champagne, ate the cake and celebrated his birthday.

I am not used to going out in the weeks anymore and I could get my eyes open this morning when the alarm rang to get me off to work. But once in a while you need to get out and see some new people, right? :)



Two earthquakes in one day

Thanks sweetest you for all the messages and e-mails today!

For those who doesn't know Italy was hit by two earthquakes this morning. One around 09 when I had just arrived to work and one around 13.00. I felt them both, very hard, and I obviously got terrified just like the other two times it happened. Everyone just freeze and doesn't know what to do, actually there is not much you can do. It is an absolutely terrible feeling.

However like you can see on the picture above the earthquake was quite far away from Milano, so if I felt it hard you can imagen people living closer. The earthquake was centered in the province of Modena, near Bologna. The towns of Mirandola and Cavezzo were closest and got totally distroyed. 15 people dies, many ingured and tousends has lost their homes and lives in tents on the streets.

It feels terrible that the country where I live have been hit by something like this, I find it hard to believe. I wish and pray this was the last earthquake for this year, we have had more than enough.

Now I just got back from the gym, have had a quick dinner and and will now jump into the shower and then rush away to Matteo's birthday party.



Hard evening at the gym with Steppy

Today I dragged Stephanie with me to the gym and as they gave her a free day pass we stayed 2,5 hours at the gym. We did the body tone class and afterwards the fitness dance class.

Stephanie looked like me 8 months ago when I started at this gym after over a year of doing nothing.  Coordination at zero and muscles that immediately complained when pumping them. That is when I realize that the training actually gives something. Nowadays I always stand in the front of the class, I know all exercises by heart and I no longer have big difficulties following the classes. The dance class can be tricky but also here I know that I have developed.

The only thing that I don't see changing to much is my figure. I was hoping to have beautiful abbs by this time of the year but I guess that was just a dream. Or actually it is still the goal I am working towards and even if I never might get any six pack I always have a goal to work towards that keeps me going.



Festival in Legnano

Tired girls on their way home...
The Palio di Legnano festival is an event that takes place the last Sunday of May every year in the town Legnano in the north Lombardy. The event is to remember the historical "battle of legnano".

It was so nice. When we arrived Legnano was like a desert, hardly any people at all around. We took a walk around, had lunch in a piazza and then suddenly the town slowly started to fill up and when the parade started it was packed.

We saw the whole parade even if it was very long. They showed off clothes, habits and situations from the years around the big battle, around 1100-1200. The parade was very well organized, the clothes fascinating and I also have to add that today have been seeing some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen.

Now I am so tied. Gonna grill myself a fish with asparagus and then go to bed and watch a movie, hoping I will keep my eyes open...



Asian fusion dinner and Eurovision song contest

Cosy and lazy Saturday night... First my boyfriend and I went out for dinner at the asian fusion restaurant close to where I live and then we went home to see the Eurovision song contest that we are still watching. It not a really big competition here in Italy and most people doesn't even know what it is but I convinced my boyfriend to stay in and watch it with me... He doesn't really like it a lot but we're having fun anyway...

My favorites are Germany and Norway. I also like Sweden, Italy, Greece and Russia!

The Italian judges makes fun of the Swede calling her the Swedish crab as she made a bit funny dance.


A little trip to Arona

Crazy ones having a swim behind Steppy.....

Early wake up! Quick fixing and then Steppy came and picked me up and we started our road trip to Lago Maggiore and little Arona. I have been once before to Arona and I really like it. A small, pretty, cleand and very well organized little town by the Maggiore lake.

We walked around, had an ice cream, laid down for a while to relax in the sun, had lunch, walked a little more, sat down like a romantic couple by the lake and then we went back to Milan as we had things to do.

I just love the lakes are so close to Milan and I wish I would go more often.


Friday with Matteo

With Matteo at Pancho Villa for mexican dinner

Friday night and beautiful weather even if they said it would be raining. Got out for late dinner with Matteo down the Navigli and we went to the mexican restaurant Pancho Villa and we obviously ordered chicken fajitas, as always :) After dinner we went for a long long walk, an ice cream and some shopping ;)

Now I have to hurry up as soon Steppy is picking me up and we're going to the lake.



Pilates fusion and two more courses at La Wellness

Picture borrowed from the web...
The other day I discovered that one of my German colleagues has a membership at the wellness club where I went the other day. So, as they gave me a free one week membership my colleague (Anne) and I decided we would go once today and today we did.

My plan was to one course and them relax in the spa area but instead we ended up doing three different kind of courses in a row.
1. "Well body" - half an hour body workout. I would call it a warming up for the body as it was so easy.
2. "GAG" - supposed to be legs, bums and abs but we did 90% abbs. We both thought it was quite boring but it was good exercise for the abbs
3. "Pilates fusion" - Anne didn't like it but I did. It was interesting and different from all other pilates classes I have done. We were all the time laying down and like the course before it was concentrated on the abbs. But we did some interesting stretching movements and I liked it.

I missed the spa so I hope I will be able to go back to Wellness this weekend before my weekly memberships ends.

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