3096 days by Natasha Kampusch

The other day I finished reading the book 3096 days by Natascha Kampush. It is the true story about her awful experience of being kidnapped as a ten year old while walking to school by Wolfgang Priklopil and then kept prison in his house until she managed to escape eight and a half year later. She was kept in a purposed built very well hidden little cellar. Wolfgang Priklopil was a socially disturbed hat used Natasha both as a companion and as a slave. Some days he was kind to her and other days he brutally beat her up.

It was a book I didn't wanna continue to read as I honestly felt sick while reading it but at the same time I couldn't stop reading. I wanted to get to the end and read by myself how she managed to escape.

I still find it hard to believe that the book I read and the book I am now writing about it a true story. It is a normal girl just like me that have experienced those terrible years: While I was in school with my friends, riding horses and making lovely trips around Europe with my family she was kept in that cellar without any contact with anyone except that terrible man.

People say they don't wanna read the book because they gonna feel bad. But I feel that she has written the book because she wants to share her story and there for feel I did well in buying it, reading it and sharing it with you guys. You decide if you wanna read it, but I propose you to it.


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  1. terrible story amazing book


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