Brazilian dinner at Ta Bonito

It was time for something else... a change from the usual Italian and Japanese food and try something new, a Brazilian dinner. I didn't have very high expectations and maybe that's why I liked it so much...

Ta Bonito is a Brazilian restaurant in south Milan, a quite big and very nice place where they have both aperitivos, dinners and live music shows. We went for dinner and enjoyed a big vegetable buffet and lots of different kind of meat. The grill was just outside the dining area and a guy circulated cutting fresh pieces of meet on your plate. In total we tried 9 different kind of meat and in the end I felt like exploding. But the whole idea, with the bar that looked like taken from a exotic island, the vegetable buffet, the meat guy and the brazilian music made it a very special evening that I very much enjoyed. I will be back for more Brazilian experiences :)


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  1. Vilken kul grej men ser lite läskigt ut med den där kniven så nära ditt ansikte;)


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