Champions train losers complain

I was a looser in the beginning of the week. I kept complaining that I wouldn't make it to do months end balancing in time thanks to the 1st of May forced holiday. I also felt a bit low that I saw myself working late every night and wouldn't had time to go to the gym even once. I complained and I was therefor a looser.

I did work long working days Monday and Wednesday but today I didn't have to. Because we were short of time my superviser helped me out a bit and with great collaboration we manage to do the reconciliations amazingly quick. Today I left work on time to manage to go to the gym and do my usual double up courses for the whole body. In other words I have had a good day, lots of brain training at work and then body training at the gym, what else can I ask for?

Now it is not even 22.30 but I gonna go and sleep anyway as my head and body are saying they have done enough for today but at least I go to bed feeling like a real champion.

Good night.


1 comment:

  1. Duktigt av dig! Och vilken jättefin bild. Du har verkligen perfekta ben:)
    Kram från ett soligt Sthlm


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