A day at "La Wellness"

Picture borrowed from La Wellness homepage
Today, a boring rainy day, my boyfriend and I got the brilliant idea to visit the wellness club "La wellness". I love the name, La Wellness! It is a massive wellness club with gym, fitness classes, pool and spa area. My personal personal trainer (my boyfriend) took me around the gym working out the upper body for a while before we hit the spa. I sat in the jacuzzi for I don't know how long and I felt how my muscles slowly relaxed.

This place is not really close to where I live and thanks to the terrible experience with the buses on my way there I don't really fancy signing up but it would be a dream working out in a real wellness club. My gym only offers gym, fitness classes and showers but I pay more than half of the prices La wellness costs so I guess I need to be happy anyway. Thinking about "Central badet" in Stockholm, another amazing wellness club that offers everything... wondering how much it costs? Oh yea, I love to dream :)



  1. Centralbadet kostar jättemycket, typ en tusenlapp i månaden. Jag ville också träna där, täckte att där blir man ju iaf inspirerad av att gå men kostade för tok för mkt. Blev SATS istället, bra utbud de med men utan pool och spa.
    Kram från ett sommarStockholm

  2. 1000kr i månaden med allt inkluderat? Jo det är ju lite pengar men går man minst 3 gånger i veckan blir det ju typ bara 80 kr per gång och det kanske det är värt?
    I looove SATS by the way


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