A day in Como

My colleague Cristina and I
Yesterday I was in Como all day. Even if the weather wasn't that nice, I felt it was nice to get away from hectic Milan for an entire day. I took a walk by the lake and enjoyed the typical lake air. I went for lunch with Enzo and Bianca and ate my favorite plate Linguine allo scoglio (sea food pasta) and it was so nice. The name of the restaurant is La cucina di Elsa. I went for another walk around town still with Enzo and Bianca. And then I met up with my colleague Cristina (aka 'La Mando':) and we went to a very nice little tea and coffee place called Pane & Tulipani.

It was clouded all day and just when I was about to leave back to Milan it started raining heavily.

Yesterday evening I just stayed home, Torri came by and we watched a movie. Lazy night at home after a nice day out.



  1. Jag ska gifta mig i Como! Jordens mest romantiska stad. Paris och Rom når inte upp till Comos nivå i hästlängder... Synd bara att jag inte har en man att gifta mig med än, men när han hittas blir det i Como hehe:)

  2. Vad fin bloggen har blivit och kul med bok, beauty och träningsdelarna!


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