Public transportation in Italy...

Milan is the city in Italy with the best organized public transport. We got a quite developed underground, buses, trams and trains covering well the whole city. Knowing that you start asking why then 2 of 3 people uses their cars even if they only have few km to ride... I can give you the answer. The public transport here in Milan, but also in Rome, in Bologna, in Como yea everywhere in Italy might exist but you can never trust it. You can't a single day get out and be sure to get to work or to your activity in time if using the public transport. I prefer to walk but most people prefer using their cars or scooters and I will never blame them again...

Today I was waiting for the bus no 90, the bus circulating around the centre, for 45 minutes and it didn't arrive even if it's supposed to go every 8 minutes. After a while I had to give up and I took another bus to a place hereby where my boyfriend had to come and pick me up by car. Sigh.

As a true Swede I got no patience with this kind of things and I got so nervous I was close to start crying. Easy way to destroy your Sunday...

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  1. Oh yea thats the charming italy. Take it or leave it :)

  2. Åh vilken fin. Ni kanske inte har pålitliga transporter men rekordfina:)

  3. Jo valde denna bilden med flit men jag kan försäkra dig om att alla inte ser ut så där dessvärre. I sånt fall skulle jag inte klaga ;)

  4. ohhhhhh sa sooooott vill oxa ha hello kitty bussar!!!! helt underbar!!! :-)))))

  5. That's italy my dear <3

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