Festival in Legnano

Tired girls on their way home...
The Palio di Legnano festival is an event that takes place the last Sunday of May every year in the town Legnano in the north Lombardy. The event is to remember the historical "battle of legnano".

It was so nice. When we arrived Legnano was like a desert, hardly any people at all around. We took a walk around, had lunch in a piazza and then suddenly the town slowly started to fill up and when the parade started it was packed.

We saw the whole parade even if it was very long. They showed off clothes, habits and situations from the years around the big battle, around 1100-1200. The parade was very well organized, the clothes fascinating and I also have to add that today have been seeing some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen.

Now I am so tied. Gonna grill myself a fish with asparagus and then go to bed and watch a movie, hoping I will keep my eyes open...



  1. bellobello

  2. vilka jatte fina pollar verkligen jatte vackra :o)))

  3. vilka jatte fina pollar verkligen jatte vackra :o)))


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