Girls don't sweat, we glow!

And so finally Thursday and time for mine and Luisa's killing fitness evening at the gym. 2 hours courses just to make sure every single little part of the body has done their part, even the brain as the first course starts of with 15 minutes quite tricky step dance where concentration is a must. Then we're pumping us though the rest of the courses pumping every muscle you can imagine. It hurts and we sweat like pigs and that's how we know the training works.

It feels terrible when we drag our tired feet back home, struggling to cook our dinner and to have a shower and wash the hair. But the feeling is great when we go to bed feeling more satisfied than ever when the whole body is slowly relaxing under the sheets.

Good night and sleep well. At least Luisa and I will :)


1 comment:

  1. Klockren titel! Vad duktig du är som hinner både träna mycket och träffa många vänner, jag väljer ofta det ena eller det andra. Oftast det andra ;)
    Kram och trevlig helg


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