Grumpy thoughts about Ryanair...

I feel grumpy but there is actually not really a reason for it. Had a good day at work, not stressful but just the right amount of things on my "to do list". We ate a very nice and also healthy lunch so can't complain about that either.

After work I met up with Luisa and we went to the gym for a pilates course followed by a body pump course. I got tired but not too exhausted. After the workout we went home and had a healthy dinner together while watching sex and the city. Also nice so I can't complain there either.

The only thing I can complain about when I think about it is the flight options that nowadays exists in between Stockholm and Milan. Both Lufthansa and Easyjet have stopped flying that route so left are only SAS and ryanair that flies directly. Less competitive gives higher prices obviously. Before I used to fly for around 100 euro with SAS now I have to pay more than the double for SAS and just slightly over 100 euro for Ryanair, and that's if I book more than a month in advance. This forces me to fly with Ryanair that I hate so much. Not only that I have to travel for hours just to get to their airports in the middle of nowhere, I also have to queue for an hour before boarding only to get a decent seat on the plan and if I get thirsty on the plane I have to pay about 6 euros only for a water. By the way, what happened to Ryanair's ideas of charging people 5 euro every time they used the bath room or the idea of letting over weight people pay a higher flight ticket price? You see yourself, they are not normal, and I get grumpy just thinking of flying with them but I guess I have to swallow my pride, smile and donate 150 euro to Ryanair to be able to go back home for a weekend with my friends and family!


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  1. jag haller med, hatar dem och deras fula gula flyg stolar ush :o(


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