Hard evening at the gym with Steppy

Today I dragged Stephanie with me to the gym and as they gave her a free day pass we stayed 2,5 hours at the gym. We did the body tone class and afterwards the fitness dance class.

Stephanie looked like me 8 months ago when I started at this gym after over a year of doing nothing.  Coordination at zero and muscles that immediately complained when pumping them. That is when I realize that the training actually gives something. Nowadays I always stand in the front of the class, I know all exercises by heart and I no longer have big difficulties following the classes. The dance class can be tricky but also here I know that I have developed.

The only thing that I don't see changing to much is my figure. I was hoping to have beautiful abbs by this time of the year but I guess that was just a dream. Or actually it is still the goal I am working towards and even if I never might get any six pack I always have a goal to work towards that keeps me going.



  1. Vad kul att det går bra! Heja :) Men det låter som att det är dags att hitta nya utmaningar nu om det börjar gå för enkelt :)

  2. Hej. Tycker du är så duktig men jag håller med Erika här ovan, dags för nya utmaningar! Hur går det med vigheten? Springer du något? Jazzdansen?

    Tänkte på dig när jag hörde om jordbävningen. Kände du av den? Verkar så läskigt.

    Stor kram


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