Hunger games - The book

Such strange book! I started reading it without reading the back page and without knowing anything about the book. I got it for my birthday from my dad that had called my best friend Erika for a book recommendation and she immediately told him to buy "The hungergames" and he did. I started reading it on the plan back to Milan and finished it a couple of days later.

I am glad I didn't know the story before starting reading it because I don't like the idea of it. It is actually a terrible story. But once starting reading the book I couldn't stop. It become a drug, I though about it when I wasn't reading it, I dreamed about it and all I could think of was when finding time to read more.... The book scared me and game me nightmares and my boyfriend even tried to take the book away from me saying it wasn't a good book for me but I stole it back and kept reading anyway. I laughed and I cried. I don't think any book ever have given me such strong and different kinds of emotions.

Tonight I finally gonna go to the cinema to see the movie but I don't have great expectations. The book anyway, was fantastic!


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