Hunger games - The movie

So yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see the big success movie "The hunger games". I didn't like it. The book was extraordinary but the movie was nothing in compare. It was over two hours long but it felt too quick. They might have choose the biggest scenes from the book but they forgot about the most important ones.

For whoever haven't read the book I would say the film didn't really make much sense. It was just lots of scenes put together but without bringing out any emotions in you as they were.... to quick..? And like I said before I really think they forgot about some of the most important parts of the book that would had made the movie a bit more exiting.

I didn't expect that much from the movie so I didn't get that disappointed, but my boyfriend did. He really thought this big hit movie would be as good as everyone have said but he almost felt asleep...

I can't wait to read the second and the third book though...


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  1. men neeej jag tyckte den var jatte bra!!!!!jag har inte last bockerna men filmen var ju jatte spannande!!!!:o)


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