Givenchy Hydra Sparkling face creams

How can I be a regular blogger about beauty products and never have mentioned the amazing face treatment line Hydra Sparkling by Givenchy...? A good question a friend of my asked the other day and realized it was time to do it.

While working for Givenchy I gave my friends that passed the store to say hi perfume and cream samples and the product that they always asked to get more of was the hydra sparkling face cream. Now I know that Luisa, Stefania, Rosella and three more of my friends still goes back to Givenchy to buy this cream. As the cream exists for three different skin types most people can find one that fits their skin perfectly. I use the one for dry skin during the winter and the one for oily skin when going to the gym and during the very hot summer months. The one for dry skin really smooths and moisturizes my poor dry face but as it feels a little bit too heavy when sweating in the gym or in the sum I prefer the one for oily skin in those particular moments instead of not using any cream at all...

Text taking from the site; "Just like a glass of sparkling water that refreshes the body and quenches its thirst, the First Step Luminescence Moisturizing Lotion hydrates and energizes the skin instantly with the action of the Sparkling Water Complex®. The first step towards hydration, it prepares the skin and optimizes the actions of the subsequent formulas of the Hydra Sparkling range. Fresh and caressing, its non-oily, milky gel texture is a pleasure in the morning, and a soothing treatment in the evening. Makes skin is refreshed, soft and glowing. Ideally prepared for the moisturizing creams."

I use it as a day cream as I have a special night cream but it can be perfectly used day and night. The soft perfume is pleasurable and the price is great for the quality! In countries like Sweden it can be hard to be found but it can always be found on the web. Go for it girls and guys (yea it is a good cream for men too, just ask my boyfriend...:)



  1. Då borde jag testa oily skinkrämen, men vad kostar den ungefär?

  2. Ja du... mellan 40-55 Euro beroende vart du köper den antar jag.

  3. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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