Pilates fusion and two more courses at La Wellness

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The other day I discovered that one of my German colleagues has a membership at the wellness club where I went the other day. So, as they gave me a free one week membership my colleague (Anne) and I decided we would go once today and today we did.

My plan was to one course and them relax in the spa area but instead we ended up doing three different kind of courses in a row.
1. "Well body" - half an hour body workout. I would call it a warming up for the body as it was so easy.
2. "GAG" - supposed to be legs, bums and abs but we did 90% abbs. We both thought it was quite boring but it was good exercise for the abbs
3. "Pilates fusion" - Anne didn't like it but I did. It was interesting and different from all other pilates classes I have done. We were all the time laying down and like the course before it was concentrated on the abbs. But we did some interesting stretching movements and I liked it.

I missed the spa so I hope I will be able to go back to Wellness this weekend before my weekly memberships ends.


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  1. Vad härligt det låter! Vad tycker du bäst om, yoga eller pilates? Många verkar bara köra antingen det ena eller det andra men du kör lite av varje:)


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