Rock pilates and a big aperitivo

It has been a quite lazy Sunday. I got up late, stayed in bed long after waking up reading a book and then I even turned back to bed after breakfast for a little nap.

In the afternoon it was time for the gym. I went to the pilates course that today was rock inspired which made it slightly less relaxing but much more fun. The rock music pumped energy inside me and I felt even more motivated than I normally do at the pilates classes. After the pilates class I stayed at the step class afterwards hoping the instructor would play the same good music but she didn't. Instead she turned on the usual techno music and I got disappointed. Such big difference only the music can make...

Tonight I went out for an aperitivo at 'La hora feliz' with Julia and two of her colleagues. We ate and drunk well and now I am off to bed overly full.

By the way, Juventus won the Serie A (Italian league tonight) and as my boyfriend supports them I am happy too. As a true Swede I should had supported Zlatan in these last games but I didn't, so sorry. I am also happy that in these last years three years I have been here three different teams have won the league, which I like, Next year it should be AS Romas's turn, right? :)

Buona notte Italia.



  1. Härligt att bo i italien!! :)

    sv: tack så mycket, kram!

  2. sounds like a great day! that was more than I did yesterday lol.

    I need to get back to the gym! x


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