Body pump, dancing and football

The last couple of weeks I have only been going to the gym twice a week. That is two times less than I would like to exercise every week so I don't feel very satisfied with myself. But at least these two times has always been double ups at the gym (two courses one after the other) so it has been proper hard training twice a week, better than nothing right?

Today Monday and I obviously couldn't miss my date with the gym. Started off with the very hard total body toning class that I actually don't like very much. It is too hard. But weeks like the last two weeks and unfortunately also this week when I only manage to go twice to the gym I force myself to do also that class. Directly afterwards it's the dancing, one hour that just flies away of dancing around. I couldn't easily do two of those as I love it so much.

Then after the gym today I had to jog home to see Sweden play against Ukraine in the Euro 2012. Very good game but with a less good result...



  1. Wow don't you mean two times/week?? Or did you use to work out over 2 times/day?

    Anyway, your new blog design is gorgeous, love it :D I need to change mine asap.. xx

  2. ups, yea obviously twice a week, not twice a day ;)


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