Capolungo beach

At Capolungo beach outside Genova
33 degrees and not a cloud, a perfect beach day in other words

Our friends on the boat, and we had to swim all the way there to get on the boat... 

Claudio, Francii, Edo and I

Nicest located aperitivo bar ever!

Italy cocktail

Aperitivo time...

The whole gang together

Good night Genova, hope to see you very soon again

A picture is worth a thousand words right? I have once again had the most amazing day down the Liguria coast with Francii and her friends. Liguria is my favorite coast in Italy and every time I leave I immediately want to go back.

I wonder how it would be to live down there? I also wonder how the job market looks like?

I got up at 06 this morning to get away in time for my day trip so now I am very tired. I a little bit regret that I didn't stay down in Genova over the night but I need to rest. I have a very very hard week in front of my next week...

Buona notte Italia! Tomorrow is a big day!


Ps. pics from the boat will come up in the next days


  1. Ser ju superduperhärligt ut:) yn

  2. Åh så härligt. Tänkt att kunna åka dit på en dagstur... vilken lyx! Verkligen jättefina bilder.


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