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My dad, myself and my mum at the Fotogragiska museum
16th of June and it feels like 16 of November. 14 degrees and rain showers. With gloves, scarf and heavy shoes on I left my hourse thinking of taking the boat with my parents to see some nice Swedish nature but I immediately felt it was far too cold for that so instead we went to the contemporart photography museum and saw an exibition of sports photos. Such amazing photos pictoring amazing moments. I so much liked it.

Tonight we were supposed to go to my favourite thai restaurant but instead I am in bed with terrible headache so my parents just left to bring home some take away thai food we will eat together at home. I hope the food will make me feel better as tonight I am going out with my friends...


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  1. Hej. Rolig bild på er fina. Kram


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