Greek brunch and then more horses

Greek brunch from the famous "Ghireria Kalliopi" in the sun down the canal.

And then I took my boyfriend with me back to San Siro horse show

Among the horses there were also lots of moto bikes and beautiful cars around...

Motor bike lover number one, Una!

Watching the Grand Pris

It might look fake but it was actually real, prettiest little rabbit ever...

These ladies came all the way from England with there horses...

Wow! I love arabs... 

Cowboys riding around without bidles...

The crazy one...  such beautiful and stressed horse...

And the crazy one won!
If I right now close my eyes I can only see horses in front of me. I don't think I have ever seen so many nice horses in one day as yesterday and today. I feel in love. There is nothing in thew world that I love as much as horses and I been feeling so lucky just walking around the Milan horse Show these two days.

...and I start wondering? Why didn't I become a jockey? I would had been perfect! Well well, maybe in my next life...

Tonight I saw Italy play at the pub in front of my house and even if they only draw I feel happy with the result!

Time to sleep and dream about horses :))



  1. Che belle foto cara xxx

  2. Vilka härliga bilder. Ni har sommarvärme nu eller? Inte riktigt vad man kan säga om Stockholmsvädret... Har du inga fina Italienska låtar att lägga upp? Det var länge sen nu :)

  3. very beautilful pictures


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