Pizza at Pomodorino Tortona

I wonder how many pictures I got on this blog of me and my boyfriend eating pizza? It must be over 50 at least :) We go maybe twice a month to eat pizza and every time I add similar pictures to the blog...

Today we went, with a voucher from Groupalia, to Pomodorino pizzeria in Tortona to enjoy their lovely pizzas. We have been there before so buying a coucher for 10 euro including two pizzas and two cokes was for us a good deal as we knew it would be good.

The only thing is that I don't really fancy eating pizza when it is as warm as it is right now here in Milan. Today the peak got up to 34 degrees while I was in the office and also the evenings had a temperature just under 30 degrees so not really ideal for pizza but it was ok anyway.

After dinner we went on with our holiday search but we have still not found our perfect holiday so we didn't book anything tonight either. Guess we gonna wait and get a last minute deal the week before...



  1. gottis med pizza juuu

  2. Ni ser lika förvånade ut båda två att ett kort tas;)


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