Running - My new big challenge

I hate running! I have almost always hated go running but I have had periods when I have enjoyed it... Like when I went running in the Karlberg's park when I was young or along the themes river in London. Since arriving to Italy I have only been running a couple of times and I have hated it equally every time. I get so tired, I looses my breath and I also think it is so boring. Isn't it strange, I can easily do 2 hours of aerobic but I can't go running for 10 minutes....

But you guys have told me I should find myself a new training challenge and here it is; running! I won't be easy in the beginning but that is the challenge, right? I am the one that have added limits to myself saying that running is not good for me for my knee injury, for my asthma or other ridiculous reasons. Some of worlds champions in running are asthmatic and most of them have had different injuries as well.

So today I started my new challenge at the gym (can't go running outside as it is far too hot). My distance personal training, Erika, put up a great interval training exercise for me. I did 1 minute walking and then 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking and 3 minutes running and I went on like that for 32 minutes. I felt so good with myself after those 32 minutes that I celebrated by attending the one hour dance class afterwards.

I will do that kind of 1-3 interval training three times and then slowly increase the running minutes. Who knows, maybe I will be able to go out for a one hour run one day? That would be a big step for me!

I have been good!

Also tonight I have finally manage to book my summer holidays, finally! It has been a challenge as well and it is a big relief to finally have it all booked!


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