Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino, Recco and Genova

Finally arrived to Santa Margherita ligure

Una, myself and Merve

Thanks to trains delays we got down to Santa Margherita ligure 5 hours delayed but instead we got the wonderful surprise when we arrived that the quite cheap hotel I found in the last second was one of the nicest hotels anyone of us have ever stayed at.

 We weather was a bit cloudy but not too cold so we relaxed in the pool in the afternoon. 

Girls ready for the evening

In the evening we went for a delicious sea food dinner at a restaurant down the Port in Santa Margherita ligure.

After dinner we took a long walk along the sea

...and then a drink at a bar at the piazza

Day two - after a delicious breakfast at the hotel with home made bread, fresh fruit and champagne we started our long walk to Portofino.

We also walked through Portofino national park with an amazing nature and a fantastic view over the sea.

24 degrees cold, better cover up with double scarfs

In PORTOFINO we met up with Francesca

The sun came out and we just walked around the sooooo pretty Portofino. It was as expensive and posh as everyone has said but very nice anyway.

So beautiful! There is no place in the world like Italy... love it so!

After Portofino we went to Recco where I relaxed in the sun on the beach...

....while Merve had a half bath and Una went for a long swim.

After Recco got up on the roads again and went to Genova

..and for an aperitivo at the sea with this fantastic gang

Sunset and unfortunately time to go back to Milan... 
Thanks for a great weekend girls! :)



  1. Nej men åh så härligt. Riktigt vackra sommarbilder. Vi har haft en vinterhelg istället;) Inte alls avis.

  2. vaaa myyyyyyys vill oxo!!! :o) aviiiis

  3. D e så kul att bläddra igenom bildrena då o då... ger fin känsla ;) Compliments to your blog sweetheart <3

  4. Three gorgeous girls and an amazing location!


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