Busy Mondays

Once again Monday and the beginning of a new week. As always I start off the week stressing at work (I got sooooo much to do these days before going on holiday) and then I went running for 30 minutes plus my usual dancing course. The 30 minutes of running was part of my running challenge. I did intervals of 9 minutes running and one minute walking so in total 27 minutes running and 3 minutes walking. I also run slightly quicker than usual. 

I don't like the stress at work but I like to keep Mondays busy, in that way it passes quickly. Now you might think I hate Mondays and in some kind of way I do not like them but at the same time I don't mind Mondays... I like to think it is a new start with new opportunities! And then I got my dancing on Monday that I am always looking forward to so Mondays are not bad but I like to keep them busy anyway.

Below are two pics from my sushi dinner with my boyfriend yesterday night at "sushi 189". They have completely changed the place and I think both the internal design and the quality of the food has become much better!


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