Catching fire by Suzanne Collins

I started the second book of The Hunger Games with high hopes and expectations but I must say I was slightly disappointed. Catching fire is a good book, actually a very good and gripping story but not as good as the first one and it didn't meet my expectations at all.

The first book (The hunger games) was thrilling, action packed and a real page-turner that I wanted to keep reading until the end of the last page. Catching fire, the second book, wasn't really the same. The story was good but a little bit the same as the first one and it just did not manage to grip me in the same way as the first book.

However, I finished it quickly and with joy and as the book ends with a real cliffhanger end that left me hungry to get more out of the Hunger hames trilogy. I will have to wait until the next time I go up to Stockholm to get the last book but I actually can't wait to read that one too.


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  1. Läs Cirkeln. SÅ BRA! Också en triologi. Har snart läst ut tvåan, Eld :)


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