Medical visit in the office, some running and the dance course

Have anyone every had a medical visit in the office? A real Doctor that comes to check all employees...? I have never experienced something like that before and I can admit I was a bit suspicious about it. However, today was my turn and it took a while for the doctor to check me out. He asked lots of questions about my health, medicines I take or have taken, what training I do etc. Then he checked my eyes for a while and wasn't very happy about the result. Then he checked my height and my weight. Then he checked my lungs, my heart, my blood pressure and squeezed my stomach, my back, my arms and shoulders. The only thing he was happy about was my very strong back! I felt it so strange to have a doctor visit in the office but when you think about it it is good that the company cares about you...

After work it was time for running again. Did 30 minutes intervals and I was happy to see that I already now, after one week of running training, feel that I can run longer before taking a walking break. I like that. Quick results are always good for the motivation. I gonna keep on going!

Then finally, the best part of the day - my dancing course. I can just smile when I think about it. It always makes me so happy. I wish I could go dancing every day but my gym only offers dancing once a week :( Well better than nothing. I already look forward to next time.


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  1. Vad duktig du är! Verkligen duktig som kämpar med löpningen. Akta knäna om du (tror jag har läste det tidigare?) har problem med dem... Jag fick jätteont direkt när jag försökte springa:(


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