Month closing at work almost done

A random but beautiful church we found on our way...
The month end is always very very stressful for me. It starts the last day of the month and gets on until the 5th-6th of the new month. Like half of all my job has to be done during, lets say, one week so it is really lots to do, lots of keep in mind and to focus on. I get out of work with a head feeling ten times bigger than it is...

That is when the gym is very important. To go there tired as crazy, to just focus on something else and lay your last energy on that and then walk out feeling relief and no longer got thoughts on the work. That is what I call meditation.

Today was a day like that for me and I enjoyed 1,5 hour gym with Luisa after my terribly stressful day at work. I felt destroyed walking into the gym and felt fantastic walking out. Great feeling!

After the gym I went for dinner with Steppy and then for a long evening walk. It was only 24 degrees tonight and it almost felt chilly as we are used to much warmer evenings but it was nice with some fresh air and we walked for long.


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