Some luxury after a hard day

I have closed the financial month of June and it feels great. Stressed days rushed away and now I realize that tomorrow is already Thursday and then the week is almost over. It is really true what they say that busy hours just disappears....

I am not only busy at work but also with my intensive training at the gym. Today it was time to go on with my running challenge. So far I am still just trying to get myself to be able to run longer without having to stop because I am out of breath. Today I did interval training of 7 minutes of running and then 1 minute walking and so on for 40 minutes. Felt satisfied when I reached the goal.

Then I got home and I found a box outside my room with some products I have ordered. For example this lovely shampoo, balsam and hair masque from The Nutritive series by Kerastase. I tried it already tonight and I felt in love. I am sorry to say but my Elvive Vital, that I normally like a lot got nothing compares to this shampoo series. Perfect now when my poor hair has to resist sun, swimming pool, salty sea water and so on. Some luxury is just what me and my hair needed.



  1. Vad impad jag blir. En vecka till och så är du redan klar för en timmes löparrunda, skulle jag aldrig klara på så kort tid.

    Jag och en kompis funderar på att åka till Gardasjön i slutet av Augusti. Vart är det som finast? Och vart flyger vi?

    Kramar från ett för en gångs skull soligt Stockholm


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