Bad weather means cosy evenings

Italy have had the most amazing summer. Sunshine every single day since the end of May. The only rain showers we have had are the typical summer rains that passes in an hour but brings more water than a 24 hour rain day does in for example London. It might cause problems but the positive things is that the sun pops out immediately afterwards...

Yesterday, unfortunately, Milan ha autumn weather. Gray clouds the whole day, irritating "small" rain showers from time to time and temperatures hardly reaching 25 degrees. The typical depressing autumn weather.

To make the most of it I went home straight from work, had a hot shower, made a home made vegetable soup for dinner and then my boyfriend arrived for a movie night. I know I gonna get tired of movie nights during the autumn and winter but for being the first one after the summer it felt extra cosy to turn on a movie, some candles and get in bed hearing the rain outside the window.

Saying that, it was nice for a night, but now I want the summer to come back!



  1. hihihihih ohhhh stackars liten en regnig kvall pa en hel sommar..... stackars liiiiten..... ;)))) i london har det regnat typ varannan dag.... buuuhuuu...... :o(

  2. soooo cozy... i love winter time!!! when it gets all dark!! they promised us good weather all month of semptember:))

  3. Very very very sweet couple. congrats


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