...and one more weekend away ;)

Stefii and I September 2011 in Riccione :)

Many of you are in chock of all my trips I have done this summer and now I am off again... It is time for long girl weekend with my best Italian friend Stefania. Like last year we're going to Riccione for some relax and dancing at the beach.

So why Riccione? It is absolutely not one of the nicest beach areas in Italy.... It is very touristic and commercially. The seawater, to be in Italy, is not overly nice either. However, last year we had such a good time there so when we this year sat down to decide where to go it was obvious Riccione would be on the list of places we choose from. In the end it won because it was the cheapest and after all weekends away I have done I felt I have to cut down the price as much as possible.

However Riccione got all we need. A long pedestrian street with nice Italian sea food restaurants, bars and tiny shops. A small town center with nice fashion stores. Long beaches perfect for long walks. Very nice bars down the beach that night time transforms into night clubs where to dance on the beach (love it). A massive range of hotels of all star levels with low prices in comparison to many other seaside areas in Italy.

The unlucky part of the story is that Milan will go on with its nice summer weather while down in Riccione today it rains... I really hope it gonna get nice at least tomorrow and Sunday!

I wish you all a great weekend :)


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