Body burn and sculpty

What a strange name of a fitness class, Body burn and sculpty. However, burn was the right word while I would had said tonification instead of sculpty.

As I thought it would had been like a body pump class I warmed up by myself in the gym running 20 minutes. I got up to the class already tired with the sweat dripping from my face.

The surprise I got was when entering the room was that the instructor was the one holding the crap dance course on Monday so at first I felt like walking out again but I didn't. And good that I didn't, as bad she was holding a dance class as good was she holding this body burn and sculpty. We exercised the whole body in a very efficient way and I felt more that satisfied getting out of the gym. A proper one hour total body class toning up your body.

Now I am off for dinner with Stefania, I am very much looking forward to see her and I am also very very much looking forward to eat lots :)



  1. normal people walk out of the gym destroyed feeling only crap and tired but u walk out feeling great? how's that?

  2. Isn't the aim of going to the gym to feel good? If you (whoever you are?) always feel bad walking out of the gym maybe it is not the right type of training for you...?


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