Cross Fire by James Pattersson

I was reading it on the beach in Riccione :)

Cross fire is James Pattersson's 17th book about Alex Cross but the first one for me to read. I think that on the market there is nowadays 20 books by James Pattersson in the Alex Cross series and that says quite a lot about the great success they are having over the world. Reading on internet though I think to understand that the first 12 of the Cross novels are the best so maybe I should start reading the set from book number one and onwards. 

Detective Cross has his hand more than full. He is planning his own wedding, trying to his family safe and he is involved solving two different serial murder cases. For that the book keeps you busy from the first page and all the twists and turns in the book makes you keep on reading.

I like the fact that the chapters in the book are very short which is perfect for me that usually mostly reads when travelling on trains and few minutes before going to sleep in the evening.

I loved this book but I do think that Don't Blink by James Pattersson that I read in the beginning of this year was slightly better...

My rating 4.0/5,0


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  1. Hej. Vad kul att du lägger upp en Pattersson-bok. Jag har inte läst något utav Alex Cross-serien men tyckte jättebra om "Along Came a Spider" och "Postcard Killers", hans mest kända böcker i Sverige.


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