Dinner at Arigatò Milano

I don't know if it is true but I have heard that you should not eat sushi if it is too warm outside as it brings risks eating the raw fish. Do you guys thinks it's true? However I haven't eaten sushi since beginning of June as since we have had very warm weather and I didn't wanna risk getting sick always having holiday/weekend plans in front of me.

Yesterday I finally got back eating sushi and I can say that I more and less catched up on the two month I have been without sushi for the amount of sushi I ate.

Arigatò is, I think, my favorite sushi restaurant in Milan. It is not cheap so it is not a place to visit weekly but for a little bit more luxury dinner out it is a great place. Stefii an I had a massive amount of sushi's and rolls and on top of that we also had a yammi dessert. A top evening in other words!



  1. ma voi, quanto mangiate?

  2. That's an impressive quantity for two tiny girls :-)
    I've never been there but I love sushi and it would be nice to go there once together!

  3. Oh yea, I would love to go back soon again :)


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