Friday morning yoga

Today I am off from work, actually I am on holiday as after lunch my boyfriend and I are off to the sea side.

Even if I am on holiday I got up early this morning to go to the gym for one hour of yoga. A healthy and relaxing start of the day! I didn't like the yoga teacher too much but I will never again be able to attend her class at 9am on Friday morning anyway so I don't really care.

The class was more relaxing than body constructive but it was ok anyway. This is the fourth time I go to the gym this week so maybe it was actually better that way.

Now I gonna start packing, have lunch and then get away to the coast. Yeeeeaa!!



  1. So happy for you, Amore, I admire your strong will. I got out of bed after eleven :-)
    Have a great WE and say hi to your BF from me!

  2. Vad härligt det låter. Yoga på morgonen och sen åka iväg till havet. Jag är inte alls avis ;)
    Kram och trevlig helg

  3. can u give away some of ur energy plz?

  4. you seem like your great at working out! u inspired me to do some situps now :) xx


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