Great evening at the gym after a very long and bad day

Today was one of those days....... You know those days when everything goes wrong and you feel crap. Today was exactly one of those days for me....

I did my best at work but even there, I didn't feel satisfied with myself leaving the office today. I wasn't my usual overly efficient self and I didn't even finish all the things I had on my to do list of the day. Blah.

After work I was, again, supposed to go to capoeira with two friends but exactly like last week it got cancelled. For a while I thought of just go straight home and put my head under a pillow but I am glad I didn't.

As I already had my training clothes with me I went straight to my gym after work. I went running for 15 minutes on the running machine before I joined the overly hard total body class. The Monday total body class is the one I normally call military training and I normally don't like it because it's to hard. But today it was just what I needed. Pump out my negativity! After the total body I stayed and enjoyed one hour of fitness dancing. The "usual" teacher was finally back today and just felt how I slowly forgot about the bad day, how a smile turned out on my face and I just followed the rhythm. What would I do without training? It really makes me feel bad.

Now I am having dinner while I gonna skype with my mum and add som pics from the weekend.


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  1. Never understood how you can make it... When I feel down there's no way that I go to torture myself even more. I need to improve this so every advice is appreciated!


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