Lost dogs and lonely hearts by Lucy Dillon

A book about women and dogs.

The main character in the book is Rachel, a girl that one day changes everything in her life. For more than one reason she goes from a high city life in London to a totally different life out in the countryside. At the same time we read about two other female characters and we follow these three girl's every day lives focusing on financial issues, relationship thoughts, stress about bigger future decisions and their dogs. The author seamlessly moves from one character's life to another, bringing the storylines together in a very well written way. It is a charming story with a sense of realism about the love of a pet, about female life in general and obviously about love.
The dogs as part of the plot is what ultimately made this such a special book -very heartwarming for a dog lover like me.

It is something more than just the average chick li and I would like all my friends to read it so they can fall in love with this book like I did.

I am glad I found this new British author Lucy Dillon, I really enjoyed her way of writing and now I gonna search for more books by her.


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  1. I've read it too and kind of liked it. You should read Lolly Winston's books, I am sure you would love em!


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