Relaxing weekend in Riccione

I am back in Milan after a relaxing weekend in Riccione with Stefania. We were not really lucky with the weather and I would like feel irritated but I have been so lucky with all my trips away this weekend so I'll try not to complain.

We met in Riccione on Friday morning, I came from Milan and Stefii from Rome. As it was cloudy, few rain drops came down and very windy we spent the day walking around in the Riccione's fancy city center and then we had tea in a very nice cafeteria. In the evening, instead of putting the money on a night club or cocktails we went to a very fine fish restaurant where we ate very well...
Tea time

Saturday morning, still cloudy and only 19 degrees. Went for a two hour power walk on the beach to warm up ourselves.

For lunch we took the bus to Rimini where we ate at a very popular piadina place and luckily enough the sun came out.

Spend Saturday afternoon reading, walking and just relaxing on the beach in Rimini....

In the late afternoon we visited Rimini's old city center and walked around for a while. Had a very nice yogurt icecream but didn't find anything nice to buy...

Sunset in Riccione

Another fishy dinner in a place close to our hotel. It was nice but not as nice as the one the first night...

After dinner we went dancing at the clubs/bars down the beach. Spend most of the time in Opera which had lots of fun music. Danced a lot, talked to nice people and didn't drink even one cocktail. Typical Stefii-Marii evenings :)

Sunday, 24 degrees and sunshine. Still cold for a Swede like me...

Last piadina lunch before heading back home...

Even if the weekend didn't offer that beach activities I am used to when going to the sea side we had a very good weekend. We have eaten lots and very well, walked a lot and went out dancing once. In conclusion a great but different weekend!



  1. Che belle fanciulle

  2. Stefii has such a beautiful smile, amazing!

  3. Hej. Ser väldigt härligt ut trots de gråa molnen. Tänk på att 19 grader nästan är högsommar i Sverige;)
    Verkar så kul att kunna resa runt så mycket som du gör! Kostar hotell och tåg mindre i Italien än i Sverige? Förstår inte att du har råd?

  4. Very nice pics. I love your pink sweater!

  5. Thank you!
    Instead I like your flowery top ur wearing in front of the plate of pasta. Where did u get it from?

  6. I love your pictures. What a lovely weekend.

  7. Fina och härliga bilder. Kram

    1. Säger det igen, så himla härliga bilder! Kram


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