Sushi dinner at Atsuki Grill

Last minute dinner plan and Stefano and I went to Atsuki Grill which is a nice Japanese restaurant close to my place. They had sushi buffet and I liked it as the variety of different kinds of sushi was enormous.

Now I am off to bed and as I am tremendously tired I know I gonna sleep well for once.


Good morning autumn

Pictuers from this morning while walking to the train.

Now it is real. The autumn has arrived also to Milan. The temperatures went from 22 degrees to tiny 13 degrees over a night by the end of last week. This morning we had 5 degrees! The sun is shining and the leafs on the trees are slowly getting colourized. The air feels freezing cold but dry, fresh and clean.

I hate the autumn. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures lower and the weather everything but stable. All for me very negative things. But the positive side of me sees the beautiful colours in the nature, appreciates the sun even more and look forward to many nice dinners and movies evenings. I am also counting the days to Christmas.

I wish you all a great day!



Lots of work, dancing and weather speculations

In Rome earlier this year...
My usual Mondays but with much more work than normal. Thursday was supposed to be one of my month closing days but as it is a holiday day I have to close the financial month in just one or two days so now I carefully have to plan my job to be able to do everything on time. On Monday next week we'll know if I manage or not but it will be a real challenge.

On top of stressing for work I am stressing for the b***dy hurricane Sandy who's is on its way towards New York. I just hate it.

But tonight I went to my dance course, had the time of my life and forgot about everything and everyone. It was good for my terribly aching muscles after the riding as well as I managed to get really warm while dancing and could stretch out well afterwards.

For dinner I made myself super yammi multigrain pasta with mushrooms and cream. Gnam gnam.



Back in the Saddle

Me in my last minute riding clothes invention 
"My" pony Sprite.

Another cute pony
Today I have been doing something that has been in my dreams for many years... I have gone riding. I have three riding lesions booked at stable "La Coccarda" and today I had my first which was amazing.

I got a slightly tired pony but had the time of my life anyway. The level of the group was quite low but it was good so I slowly could remember my horse riding skills. I had forgot how hard it was to go riding, after just 10 minutes both me and the horse I was sweating but I think I could talk for both of us when saying we had fun together. Next time I go there the instructor wanted to put me in an much more advanced group and I am already feeling a bit scared.

But riding is something very special. A good collaboration between yourself and the horse is such fantastic feeling not many things in life can beat. I have been missing going riding since I stopped in January 2006. It might sound ridiculous in many peoples ears but my life will never be complete without horses and riding being part of it

Now my legs and but are aching like never before and I am tired to death. But equally happy.

I am sorry for not having more photos to share. The camera decided it was on strike when being at the stable to these three crap pictures are the only ones I got.



Feeling lazy

I am once again having one of those lazy Saturdays when I don't fancy doing much....

Yesterday evening I went out for dinner with an ex colleague but forgot taken pics. Got to bed quite late but this morning I woke up early and have been tired all day.

Have done some washing and popped by the gym for an hour. The rest of the afternoon was spend in the sofa with a cup of tea and my book.

Tonight a friend is coming to pick me up and we'll eat a pizza or something in my area.

Instead I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow as I have big plans...



Finally found myself a hair dresser in Milan

I am almost ashamed telling you that it took me almost three years in Milan to find myself a good hair dresser... Since five years I have been constantly going to Como every time I needed to go to the hair dresser and before that I had one in Stockholm where I went even if I lived in London... I know it sounds ridiculous but every time I have found straight and have gone to a new hair dresser I have regretted it afterwards so then I always end up going back to the same.

M&M stylists in Como will always be a favorite but it is not very convenient to go all the way there all the time but today I finally found myself a hair dresser here in Milan that I immediately liked....

J. C. Biguine is a chain of hair dresses in Italy and the one I went to is quite close to where I live in Porta Venezia. The two hair dressers I met today were very good, professional and also very friendly. I am happy with the result and the prices are quite honest. So from now on I guess I will always be going there :)



An ordinary day

Hello world. I got nothing really exiting to share with you today... I had a normal day at work and after work I went to one of my favorite gym classes - Step and upper body tone. Then I had dinner with my flat mate Luisa and now I am on skype with my mum.

Tomorrow they say the real autumn will arrive to Milano with temperatures below 15 degrees and heavy rain. I am absolutely not looking forward to it :(



Dinner date with a very sweet friend

Straight after work today I met up with my friend Anna. We went for a walk before we went to my place and I cooked us some dinner. We have been talking about absolutely everything in out lives. Thanks hun for a great evening!

Now I just wanna go to bed and end up in the world of my lovely book.


The final of the apprentice Italy

The finalists Matteo and Francesco
The Italian apprentice has not been half as good as the English or the American ones.... Exactly like X factor it just doesn't manage to reach the levels of UK or US. However it has been entertaining and interesting to follow the apprentice candidates though their achievements to reach the title. Two of my favorites reached the top three place, the girl was kicked out on third place and the guy went on to yesterdays final....

In the final we had one business man (Francesco Menegazzo) with a top business degree and experiences working internationally (in London) in investment banks ecc. The other one (Matteo Gatti) was a perfect sales man but without any university degree and with no English skills at all. 38 years old career person that doesn't know a word of English? And he happened to think Hong Kong was a Japanese city and he didn't even know the capital of Japan....  You can imagine who I supported in the final? For a while I actually thought the selling guy would win as showed more personality and slightly more energy but I am glad that in the end Flavio Briatore (the Boss) chose the bank trader Francesco. A 29 years old highly intelligent and motivated guy. I am sure he will be doing a great job worth the massive amount of money he will be earning.

The last three episodes has been fun and interesting and now I am quite sad it is already finished.

Time to rush to work!



My weekly run

One of many of my weekly missions is to run 30 minutes a week. I have understood that I am not a big fan of running so it is not like I do it with big pleasure but I have realized that results of running are many and they are too good to ignore.

Sometimes I only run 10-15 minutes before I head of to a fun work out course and then I try to do it 2-3 times in that week so the total of my running equals with at least 30 minutes. And sometimes, quite rarely, I do like today and I get myself to run 30 minutes at together. It is hard and I really have to force myself to go on, no gain if no pain right? But even of I can almost say it feels like a real torment to get though a long run I feel so good about myself afterwards. Running does not give me the energy and happiness dancing does but instead it makes me feel really proud of myself and the day after I can feel that every part of my body has been working out well and that is great feeling too.

Now it is time for the BIG FINAL of the Italian apprentice. Will write about it tomorrow....

Happy Tuesday evening!


Ett litet snedsprång - Denise Rudberg

Such enjoyable book. I read it in Swedish and as it is quite new I don't think it even exists in English yet.

I have read a lot of this author earlier in life. All her books are easy reads, they are all set in the richer neighborhoods of Stockholm and I think all of them is about the Swedish upper class. All books I have read before has been "chick lits" but this one was the first kind of thriller I have read of her.

The story was good but not amazingly great. The personalities were pleasant and easy to connect with. It took me a while to finish the book which could mean it didn't hook me totally but I can blame the lack of time and I actually liked to read it slowly as I felt more involved with the characters.

It is not one of those super intelligent books but if you are looking for a good and relaxing book this one if perfect. It actually is a quite interesting book as well as it partly talks about the Swedish life coaching trends and I must say I totally agree with the message the author is giving.... Very enjoyable book!


Ps. Mamma, du behöver inte köpa den. Jag kommer hem med den i November ;)


I keep dancin' on my own

Oh no! I have missed my dance course two weeks in a row and I have been missing it a lot. Tonight I went back and even if I was slightly afraid not to be able to catch the moves I immediately felt the dancing energy spread in my body. Actually I even felt quite good as today we had "open day" at the gym and the class was full of beginners that looked more like a gang of ducks than ballerinas, but it was fun anyway.

There is really something special about dancing... I was deadly tired after one hour 'total body" pumping up the whole body plus one hour of dancing and I left the gym deadly tired but I danced my way way home with a smile anyway :)

The rest of my Monday will be spent in bed with a cup of white tea watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's".



Two tourists in Milan

Picnic in Parco Sempione

Arco della Pace

Piccolo teatro - Most famous theater in Milan

Ice cream at my absolute favourite ice cream bar Amorino

La Scala - the opera house

Piazza della Scala with Leonardo da Vinci

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Duomo of Milano

Colonne San Lorenzo 


Aperitivo at La Ringhiera

Slightly more lazy day than yesterday but still a nice, sunny and quite active day.

Started of with lunch in the park and stayed laying on the grass in the sun for more than two hours before we started walking around watching people. Afterwards we walked trough the old part of Milan, Brera, stopped for an ice cream and continued though the centre towards down to the Navigli where we took an aperitivo for dinner.

Now we gonna enjoy a girl night in with Swedish crisps and a Swedish movie in good company.



Monza Park with Zarah

Parco di Monza

Today has been am amazingly beautiful autumn day, or in Swedish measures a beautiful simmer day. 22 degrees, blue sky and a warm sun shining all day long. Zarah and I took the opportunity to go to the massive Monza park and walked around for three hours. Monza park is massive, actually one of the biggest enclosed parks in Europe with its approximately 685 hectares. We saw just a small part of it but it was very nice walking around in the nature breathing fresh air for a while.

After the park we looked around in the city for a while before we hanged on the locker of "Ristorante del centro" that opened 19.00, we were starving and wanted to eat as early as we could. We ate very good pasta dishes and then we went home.

 I can't remember when I was this tired last time. Both Zarah and I are exhausted and I guess we just gonna make ourselves a camomilla tea and then go to bed.

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