Celebrating month end financial closing with sushi at Toyama

On my blog it might seems like I don't do anything else but eating.... Or maybe eating and training and maybe that's true. I like eating out as I am mostly too tired to cook in the evenings.

Today my job was killing me. Such stress. I arrived at 8.30 and jumped onto my duties, I managed to get 30 minutes of lunch break before I had to get back and work hard until 7pm this evening, Really non stop working. The difference was that I this month had to help out processing all UK invoices as two colleagues has left the company recently and the new ones are still not able to do the work themselves. It was not a  difficult job to do but it took some of my precious time.

However, by the time leaving I had finished everything and tomorrow all I need to do is just "clean up" (sort out the over full e-mail inbox and all papers on my desk) after the month closing and then I can get back to normal. That feels good!

Anyway, after work I got into town, met up with Stephanie and we went for a "all you can eat" sushi dinner at Toyama. We didn't eat a lot strangely enough but it was very nice and good price too.



  1. Oh, how much I DON'T miss closures, invoices, declarations and the stress! But I do miss you and talking to you during the day, the lunch breaks, the biscuits and crackers!

  2. I miss you all too and I miss one person to miss me :-D

  3. you seem to eat more asian than italian, insane..


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