Cruciani bracelets

To you ladies and gentlemen outside Italy, I would like to introduce you to this year's (also last years) biggest bracelet trend here in Italy -the Cruciani. The trend started last year down in Tuscany and grew massive very quickly thanks to Milan and New York fashion weeks in September 2011. This summer the bracelets are on more and less every persons hands. 

The four-leaf clover (which was the original one) brings luck for both those who find it and those who receive it as a gift. According to tradition, each leaf represents a particular quality: the first being reputation, the second wealth, the third health and the fourth true love.

I got my four leaf clover as a gift from my friend Matteo, not sure if it has brought me any luck yet but I like it anyway. During Milan fashion week I also bought myself the pink one with hearts.

Info from the website:
Luca Caprai's vision is that of developing desires and giving them tangible form. A Cruciani product cannot but be made entirely in Italy and represent the best of a traditional heritage, the state of an art in continual evolution. Two requisites that plainly cannot be met outside Italy.

The Cruciani brand is now perceived as different and distinctive. The name of Cruciani not only evokes the work done by a company but a new art de vivre, a cosmopolitan attitude and an elegance in which rules are creatively décontracté.

The product is young, casual and sophisticated. It's pleasing to wear and has the timeless, universal quality of truly inspired design.


It is quite funny how weird trends can grow so big but I kind of like this funny "made in Italy" bracelet adiction.



  1. martinaaldovanni06/10/2012, 01:44

    li adoro

  2. Ciao Marliina. I also adore these amazing crochet bracelet. You can check my blog on http://www.squidoo.com/cruciani


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