Dinner at Marcellino Pane e Vino

Marcellino Pane e Vino is kind of an Italian steak house. In other words it is a fine Italian restaurant famous for its meat. I am not a big meat person so I rarely try out these fancy restaurants but Torri instead loves meat and he has been going on since quite a while that he wanted to go to 'Marcellino Pane e Vino' so tonight we finally went.

The place was lovely, really the kind of restaurant design I like. The starter was great but I can't say I liked the meat... It is not for me. But I ate a small piece of the steak and all the mushrooms and vegetables around it. Slightly wast of money to bring me to this kind of restaurants but it was fun anyway :)



  1. Your T-shirt is incredibly beautiful!
    Just don't tell me it's from London....

  2. It is a present from my mum... from Stockholm ;)

  3. Much better, thanks :-D

  4. buono il marcellino


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