Ett litet snedsprång - Denise Rudberg

Such enjoyable book. I read it in Swedish and as it is quite new I don't think it even exists in English yet.

I have read a lot of this author earlier in life. All her books are easy reads, they are all set in the richer neighborhoods of Stockholm and I think all of them is about the Swedish upper class. All books I have read before has been "chick lits" but this one was the first kind of thriller I have read of her.

The story was good but not amazingly great. The personalities were pleasant and easy to connect with. It took me a while to finish the book which could mean it didn't hook me totally but I can blame the lack of time and I actually liked to read it slowly as I felt more involved with the characters.

It is not one of those super intelligent books but if you are looking for a good and relaxing book this one if perfect. It actually is a quite interesting book as well as it partly talks about the Swedish life coaching trends and I must say I totally agree with the message the author is giving.... Very enjoyable book!


Ps. Mamma, du behöver inte köpa den. Jag kommer hem med den i November ;)


  1. Did I understand well? Going home in November? Take me with you, pleeeaaaseeee....

  2. Hehe, so you understand Swedish now? ;) I am going home for my mums birthday mid November but I can bring you next time. Lets organize!

  3. Careful, I WILL accept!


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