Finally found myself a hair dresser in Milan

I am almost ashamed telling you that it took me almost three years in Milan to find myself a good hair dresser... Since five years I have been constantly going to Como every time I needed to go to the hair dresser and before that I had one in Stockholm where I went even if I lived in London... I know it sounds ridiculous but every time I have found straight and have gone to a new hair dresser I have regretted it afterwards so then I always end up going back to the same.

M&M stylists in Como will always be a favorite but it is not very convenient to go all the way there all the time but today I finally found myself a hair dresser here in Milan that I immediately liked....

J. C. Biguine is a chain of hair dresses in Italy and the one I went to is quite close to where I live in Porta Venezia. The two hair dressers I met today were very good, professional and also very friendly. I am happy with the result and the prices are quite honest. So from now on I guess I will always be going there :)


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