Hi London!

Today has been a quite good day.

I have been slightly without energy but at work I felt I manage to do a lot anyway (even if I have lots more waiting for me next week).

At the gym I went running for 10 minutes and then I attended a total body class but didn't push myself to my limits. I know I could had done much more but I feel that what I did was good enough after these days in bed... Going back training to quick after being sick is always a risk so better be on the safe side and take it easy!

Now I just finished my packing as tomorrow I am off to my second home, London! I am just staying for the weekend and I have a quite busy schedule with things I need to do, need to buy and people I will see. I am very much looking forward to meet all my sweet London friends again!

Have a good weekend everyone, I won't blog again until earliest on Monday.
Bye bye!


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